Design Unity

We co-design and deploy high-quality, community based regenerative solutions.

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Find Clarity In Complexity

Working in the intersection of emerging technologies, climate and social regeneration, working in parallel with existing systems and capital, and growing a community is incredibly difficult.

Our goal is to empower the people who're pioneering a new society, one where we're in harmony with each other and the earth.

We help you solidify your concept, communicate it to the people who can help it succeed, and design a sustainable financial model to keep it growing.

Work With Us

Our Services

The Foundations
  • Strategic Discovery/Roadmapping: Identify and prioritize high-leverage actions through our discovery sessions.
  • Build Systems Context: Stakeholder, partnership, and system mapping.
  • Create a Revenue/Tokenomics Model: Business model ideation, mapping, and design.
The Essence
  • Brand Design: Community-driven core brand strategy and design process.
  • Core Energy: Document beliefs, values, unique value, and positioning to rally and grow your community.
  • Online Presence: Website, whitepaper, graphic, presentation, and UI design + copywriting.
  • Messaging:  Core value propositions, positioning, concept communication, speak to the right stakeholders with clarity.
  • Partnerships: Discover and move forward with partnerships that will benefit all parties and increase adoption of your project.
  • Community Growth: Steward and grow a thriving community to leverage collective intelligence to make better design decisions.
Work With Us

How We Work

Note - The legal structure of Design Unity is currently an LLC, but will likely evolve into a co-op. The timeline on this evolution will be around 6-12 months, long enough for people to find their roles and to allow a natural legal structure to emerge.

As A Partner

Partners in Design Unity actively contribute to growth by finding new clients (referred to as collaborators) to work with, ideating and executing on  Design Unity "native" projects - creating a spinoff DAO, co-op, or other entity that is a specific implementation of Design Unity's vision. Partners get a 10% cut of the profits for any projects they bring in, and can propose ways to use our collective reserve for any spin-offs, investments, or other projects that will elevate Design Unity and society.

At first as we're getting everything together, partners will only need to contribute 1-5 hours per week, attending stand-ups and doing research or foundational work in between. As we get projects and partners find their role, the time commitment will look more like 5-20 hours a week, and you'll be compensated based both on the time you put in and the measurable value you contribute to Design Unity and our collaborators.

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As An Advisor

Advisors to Design Unity play their part by passively sharing their perspective around current projects and referring clients to Design Unity. Advisors can choose their level of involvement, and will get a 5% cut of profits from any projects they bring in. They're always welcome to weekly stand-ups, and we'll call meetings with specific advisors if their expertise is especially relevant to a specific project.

Advisors can expect to spend around 1-10 hours a month on Design Unity, and may at anytime be asked to actively contribute to a project for compensation mutually agreed upon on a case-by-case basis.

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